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Welcome to IconTalk!

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We are a company dedicated to visual teaching strategies and support for persons with autism and other special learning challenges. Our primary goal is to promote independent functioning across developmental areas, including academic, vocational, communication, daily living, and play and leisure.

IconTalk strategies are clear, concrete and time-proven. They are used internationally by early interventionists, teaching professionals, therapists, job coaches, and families to encourage positive behavior in school, at home, at work, and in the community. IconTalk visual supports are compatible with a wide range of instructional models including TEACCH's Structured Teaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis, child centered therapy, and eclectic classroom programs.

IconTalk offers educational services, including presentations and workshops for conferences and agencies (including parent associations) and on-site consultations for programs, classrooms and individual students.

IconTalk also offers deeply-discounted "state-of-the-art" laminators and laminating supplies, as well as teaching materials which are individually constructed for long-term durability, featuring extra-thick lamination and tough spiral bindings.